Fireshield Cables Limited, formerly a part of Rigby Wire, has been at the forefront of fire resistant cable technology for over 20 years and the inventor of a patented mica taping technique that revolutionised fire cables for oil platforms, making them smaller and lighter without any loss of performance.

Fireshield established itself as a separate brand in 2000 and has since specialised in the design and manufacturing of fire resistant data cables to the highest standards.

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Operating in international markets, and with all the leading systems providers, Fireshield can support its customers with ex stock deliveries on key products in the current cable range and in the development of special custom cable designs.  Where the need for fire resistant and circuit integrity is vital and lighter; smaller or armoured is a real preference.

Fireshield Cable is your bespoke fire resistant cable supplier…small enough to design and supply to your specific needs, as our Product list implies…large enough to handle a supply chain.. as our Projects list confirms